Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I am looking at right now.....

Wow, it has been some time since our last posting. We both are super busy this summer! Me and my husband are in the process of buying our first home and I know Lauren is supper busy with her photography business. We are also helping plan a baby shower for a dear friend in July ( look for the photos after July....shhhh its all a secret!). But as I was surfing the great Internet I thought I would post some of the cool finds I have come across.

Super Cute!

"EAT" blocks from

I really love swing benches!

I would have posted more but baby is starting to learn that she can wiggle her way around the living room.....needless to say I am a busy woman.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day Crafts

With a new baby and a possible new home search underway, I took on the task of making Mother's Day gifts for my mom and mother-in-law this year. I got the idea to make small "Brag Books" for them with pictures of my daughter since they life a few hours away and don't get to see them as often as they would like. Brag books are not a new idea, but while shopping at one of those large craft stores, I found a cute photo booklet for only $0.99. ( I couldn't pass that up!) I scored two of them and only had to have photos printed out to make this gift. I have been collecting scrapbook materials for some time since the baby was born and since I have not started her scrapbook (don't tell her that!), I had plenty of material to work with.

Here are a few shots of the Brag Book for Mother's Day.

This book I had on hand for some time. I purchased this from a

I cut out scrapbook paper to fit the papers in the book.

Gluing the paper onto the book.

This is the Brag Book for less than a dollar!