Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patriotic Craft Ideas

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the small lapse is postings, me and my husband are starting the process of buying our first home.....not a fun time, but it will be exciting when its all done! I am currently working on a Mother's Day craft and will hopefully have that post up by the end of the week. But at the moment I have been looking for new Patriotic ideas for the upcoming summer. With my husband being a Marine ( and our families being very patriotic) I love decorating for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Here are a few ideas I have seen on the Internet and I hope they get my creative juices flowing!

Here is a wreath I made out of burlap scraps. I was not able to take pictures while I was making it, but it is super simple to create. Look for a more in depth posting later.

Also, check out some of these great crafts and websites.
Both of these great ideas are from http://www.framefanatic.blogspot.com/ 

LOVE this wreath! I really want to try it out for another holiday too, maybe Spring or Autumn.
Tutorial available at http://www.allyou.com/


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