Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shabby Chic Bookshelf

I know what you are thinking - what happened to my other creative momma?  I am back with some new projects so please feel free to clap out loud and cheer, I know you've missed me! 

This summer we are full of fun activities and projects around the house along with our annual friend and family camp out and a few mini-vacations planned.  Luckily my husband gets two months off every year, he is a teacher.  It is a time for us to catch up on all those forgotten home projects and more.

Kendall, my 17 month old, has the smallest of our three bedrooms.  She currently has a crib in her room, a low and long dresser, a small chair for reading time and a play doll crib.  Her crib also converts to a full side bed when she's ready.  I wanted a space for her books, so I've been looking for almost a year for something that won't take up a ton of room and will be practical at holding her books. I am unable to keep books on her dresser because she can reach the top and sometimes still has a taste for them or is in the mood to hear the pages rip.  I didn't want just another shelf, but I wasn't sure what I was looking for until I came across  It's a sweet little shop located in Oregon.  On their website they have a small bookshelf with a drawer.  I kept thinking how perfect it would be for Kendall's room, but I've never seen such a skinny bookshelf.  She could use it for a nightstand and a bookshelf.  That's when it hit me - nightstand.  I think it's an old nightstand with a built bookshelf, perfect!  Thankfully, I know an amazing wood worker/artisan, my Uncle Roger.  I found an old night stand for $6, so with a little convincing to my Uncle and a photo of the project he was on the job.  Here is what it looked like after my Uncle finished with it.

 I put a spray paint coat of primer on it.  Next I put an indoor/outdoor semi-gloss pink on, three coats of it!  After all the paint dried I sanded the edges and corners to make it look old.  Then I painted the handle with cream colored paint and did a little sanding on that also.  Here is what I ended up with.

I also added a little decorative accent wood piece I picked up from the hardware store.  It was glued to the top curved wood piece before painting.

I just loved how this piece turned out.  We will put an anchor in the wall so it won't be able to topple over easily.  I am very excited to load it with her books and treasures.  It's a step closer to her shabby chic style inspired room!



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