Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifty Vase

So during one of my many trips I bought this tin vase at the local Goodwill type store and thought that I could do something with it, it was only a buck! I features it here in our last "Thrifty Finds".

  It was okay but had a few scratches and the paint was peeling off in a few spots. That may have been a reason to send it to Goodwill, but those are the things I love the most. I spray painted the vase a Antique White that I had left over from a previous project.

I then got out the trusted Juke and thought that the handles needed a little something too! They were a light wood but it just didn't look right with the white. The vase also has raised swirls on it that I thought may need a little tinting, but up close you can see them just fine. One less step for me to do! Love it!

I started by spreading some glue on to the handle, make sure that it is glue that will dry clear.

Super easy to to get the Juke around the handle since it moved freely.

I added some flowers that match the colors in our living room. (Micheal's was having a 50% off stem flower sale!) Total cost: $12.00. Love it!


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