Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moss Covered Initial

I have just finished my first moss covered initial and I think I am addicted! I have seen this all over the Internet and thought maybe I could handle this one. Sometimes I see things and think it is easier than it looks and most of the time I am wrong! But this one is simple. I purchased our last name's initial at Robert's Crafts (the largest they had), I believe it was 14 inches tall. It was not my favorite font, but the other options they had were too small.

I hot glued moss from the Dollar Store onto the letter. Be prepared to use about 5 sticks of glue (next time I may used spray adhesive). After making sure the whole letter and the sides were covered, I cut a strip of left over burlap for the hanging ribbon. I taped the ribbon to the back of a 11x14 frame, you could also put it over a mirror. I think it came out great!


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