Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainy Day Crafts

We have been suffering from some bad weather in UT for the past few days and I have been dying to get crafting (but cant leave the house with the baby). So to tame my crafting beast I thought I would do something with so items I had around the house already.

 I had this small green flower pot from a Baby shower (thanks Lauren) and its been sitting around as a pen holder. I have seen the spring branches all over the place for Easter and thought, Why not?

I went outside and cut off some branches from the trees (shhh....don't tell my neighbors). I also had some flower arrangement foam and moss from previous crafts.

I had just recently purchased something from a second hand store (love those places!) and it had a horribly outdated flower arrangement in it. I ripped all the flowers out and noticed these small purple flowers. Bingo! Small little bulbs to put on the branches.

And my finished product! I think it looks cute, small enough for the shelf with Lauren's great gift that I received for Easter (thanks!). I may even think about doing another one on a larger scale for the Easter center piece on the dinning room table this year!

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