Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Bird Wreath

Sorry, I know we are late in posting the Baby Bird Shower photos but Laurens photography show was flooded (not joking). Everything is great but it is taking her some time to get me all the great photos. In the mean time, I thought I would share a quick little wreath project that I put together for the shower. We ended up not using it, but I plan on keeping it for next spring.

I used a vine wreath that I had laying around and some of the extra hand sewn birds from the shower. With some of the scraps of material, I decided to make a pennant banner. I cut out a triangle out of card stock and cut 9 pieces ( using three different patterns). I then used some left over ribbon that worked with the color scheme, making sure that I left about 3 inches longer on each side than the width of the wreath.

Marking the width of the wreath on the back side on the ribbon, I began to hot glue the triangles in place (alternating patterns). After that I cut a smaller piece of ribbon (the width of the wreath) to hot glue onto the back of the triangles to give the pennant banner some body so it would lay flat.

I then took some left over moss and glued it to the bottom of the wreath. The eggs are from Easter decor ( The Dollar Store), I choose the green ones to go with the ribbon. I then glued two of the hand sewn birds on the wreath as well.

I am sorry that I did not take photos as I went with this one, it was really done at the last moment.


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