Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Bird Diaper Cake

Some of our great friends are expecting their first baby in September and they asked me and Lauren to help out with the baby shower.....of course! We LOVE planning and crafting, this is right up our ally. So because the parents-to-be have decided not to find out the sex, they went with the neutral theme of birds for the nursery. Birds are so in right now it was super easy to find things for the shower!

I decided that I would make a small diaper cake for the cake table at the shower. Our friends are taking on the hard task of using cloth diapers ( more power to you!) so this craft was easier than I thought it would be. I started out by shopping around for the topper of the cake. I have seen so many cakes (and received some myself) and I didn't want it to be to crowded with gifts, just simple.

I found this small musical bird at Joann's for around 5 bucks. I also found swatches of this branch fabric at Joann's for around a buck a piece. The diapers are a size 2 (husband bought a brand I really didn't care for, so I used them for this project). And I cut a circle out of a cardboard box.

(Sorry, this is a horrible photo.) Because I knew she was not going to be re-using the diapers, I used hot glue. I rolled all the diapers up, starting from the opening of the diaper so that the ends were smooth.

After rolling about a million diapers ( just kidding, it was more like 30), I started gluing them into circles. The larger circle was around 12, the smaller one around 7.

I then glued the smaller circle on top of the larger one. Then glued the entire thing to the cardboard circle.

I cut the fabric into strips that would fit the height of the diapers. Now, I have no skills in sewing, I do not own a sewing machine. I hot glued one side ( length wise) down to have a smooth seem. I then glued the fabric to the diaper ring.

Note: My fabric was not long enough to go around the larger of the circles so I had to use two pieces. One over lapped the other to give it a smooth look.

I then took crinkled paper strips ( you can find these at any store now for presents or gift baskets). I glued the paper around the bottom to cover the cardboard circle and around the other layers.

I bought this small bird house garden stake at Target back during Easter and it was a perfect fit for this. I stuck it through both layers and it also doubled as a bit of support for the cake too. I didn't glue down the bird (I want her to use it!), instead I used some double sided tape to hold it in place.

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