Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Shower- Hand sewn birds

The baby shower that we have been planning for months is finally here! And because we wanted to keep much of the decor a surprise, we have had to wait on posting the many projects and photos we have done. Here is the tutorial for the hand sewn birds that we used with the chocolate lollipops and on our bird house center pieces.

Lauren found this great bird house fabric at Joann's and we ran with it. The shower was unisex so we went with greens, blues, browns and yellows. I was at Joann's picking up some last minute items and they were having their fourth of July sale. They have pre-packaged quilt sets (pre-cut squares of fabric) in corresponding fabrics.....and low and behold they had our fabric as one of them! It was a sign. I had to buy it.

I thought about hand sewing bird for a while but couldn't find a template that I liked, so I just winged it and cut one out myself. I went with a more modern shape to match the invitations that our friend choose. The items needed were simple:

Squares or any amount of fabric
Quilting thread (its heavier than regular thread)
Cotton balls for stuffing
A template of the bird

I traced the bird on the fabric. Make sure that you flip the bird over to trace the other side of the bird so you have two sides with the print on it.

Cut both out.

I just used a simple stitch to sew the bird together. I made sure to start at the middle, that way I could stuff the bird. Make sure that the cotton is pushed into the beak and the tail. Each bird took about 2-3 cotton balls. Then sew up the remaining amount of the bird.

Some of the birds I added a lollipop stick to hold them up. I added a dab of fabric glue to the end of the stick before I added it into the bird and sewd the opening closed.

I took the bottom of a flower pot and hot glued some foam to the bottom. Covering with moss to make it look more like a nest.

The remaining bids were glued to our bird house center pieces.

Photos of the center pieces soon!


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  1. What a cute way decorate a diaper cake. Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment.