Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Burlap Message Board

Okay, so I have been pre-occupied with the baby shower for the last few weeks and have been neglecting my other projects. Time to get cracking! So I have had this message board idea for awhile (months, in fact!) and I finally did it last night. I bought this picture at my favorite store, Tai Pan Trading, for $5 in one of their great sales. I really only wanted the frame, so please disregard the print.

I had purchased some burlap (on sale of course) at Joann's for $2.99 a yard. It only took about half of that, but I can always use burlap for something else. The ribbon was a black and white design to break up the burlap a bit.

After I took apart the picture, I could get to work.

I started by gluing some batting down to the back of the picture.

I followed that with the burlap. Make sure your pull your burlap tight.

Not too bad for my first one!

I made the rookie mistake of not buying enough ribbon to do the entire I came up with just doing an X.... I think it looks OK.

At least my husband likes it....


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