Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chocolate Pops

Okay, the last posting about the baby shower.....until Lauren posts something. We thought that having some treats on the tables (as well as the beautiful necklaces that Lauren made) would be a nice addition. So, I found (after hours of surfing on the Internet) hard candy bird house lollipop molds.

I had to have them! I bought one mold ( my first mistake- should have bought two) and the chocolate and got started.

All the other supplies were picked up at Micheal's.
Lollipop sticks, Ccellophane bags, Chocolate melts ( White, Milk and Dark Chocolate were used)

I had to melt the chips in small batches. The mold only held 5 lollipops at one time.

After the chocolate was poured, I put the lollipops in the freezer for about 5 minutes to be safe.

They came out so cute!

I rapped them in twine to match the over all look of the shower. Three bags of melts made about 50 lollipops. They were a hit!


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