Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Sew Grocert Chart Cover

Lauren sent me a link to make a no-sew cart cover....I think she was trying to tell me something. Either she thinks I need one or she knows I can't sew. Its both. I am trying to learn to sew but that is another post altogether.

On Little Rays of Sunshine , they have a great tutorial to help you get started. Basically it is a over-sized blanket....With that in mind I took the tutorial and ran with it. I thought that the tutorial had too much material and altered the measurments a little (wish I would have done it a little will see).

Joann's was having a sale of Fleece so I picked up a yard of this cute print. I didn't want something really baby-ish or to pink.

I measured it out to be 46 length x 28 width. Place the material right side down.

After measuring out the material, cut 4x4 squares out from the corners.

After all the corners are cut, cut 1 inch strips 4 inches into the material. (Hope that makes sense- the photo will help explain.) I marked the 1 inch with dots to help me make them all the same width.

After all the strips are cut you cut a small hole at the top of the strip. You will turn the strip over on itself and slide it through the hole, pull it through. Again I hope the photos help.

Once you are done with all the strips (on all four sides) you can measure for the feet holes. I found the center of the width (it was 20 inches wide now because of the 4 inch strips on either side. ) and then measured 18inches up from that center. Does that make sense...... Once I had the 18 in up from the center I added an inch on either side and make a dot with my pen. From the dot I measured 5 inches across and the 5 inches down. Basically I made two 5x5 boxes.

I waited until I was at the store to make holes for the chart seats straps. Here is what it looked like finished.

(Not sure why this photo is like this....) So if I could change one thing I would have flipped the blanket so that it was 46 width and 28 long.....before I cut the feet holes but I still like it! I think I will try another one when I find another deal on Fleece.


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