Thursday, September 1, 2011

Child Growth Chart

I made a growth chart for Lauren's daughter on her first birthday and knew I needed to do one for my daughter too! I love growth charts, they are easy to make and help you remember how little your babies once were. Now, my parents have been marking walls in their home for my nieces and nephews (and now my little girl) for years. I didn't want to mess up my walls so the chart was the answer.

I started by paying a visit to my local hardware store and picked out a ten foot 5 inch by 1 inch board. Make sure that the board is in good shape (no knots or bowing). I then asked them to cut the board in half (most places will do one free cut). One board produced 2 growth charts and it was only around 6 bucks.

Once I finally thought my daughter was tall enough for the growth chart it was time to think about how I wanted to decorate it. Her room is mostly purple and pink with butterfly's and ladybugs... Now this is cute for a baby but not for the young girl she will eventually become (I don't want to think about that). So I choose bright colors but still stayed with the butterfly's.

I painted the board white. A light color will help to see the markings of her growth easier.

You will hang the board 1 foot off the ground so your chart will measure up to 6 feet tall. After the paint dried, I marked the feet and inches on the board with permanent marker. You could use a coordinating paint color as well. I chose not to mark the numbers just yet (wanted to find the right color).

I found these vinyl wall applicants at Micheal's on sale for a dollar! They were so cute I had to use them.

After I put the vinyl butterfly's on the chart, I needed to be able to hang the chart on the wall. You can buy these push claw hangers at the same hardware store you purchased the board at.

Make sure that you nail the claw in at the center of the board.

The growth chart came out great! I love that it will be able to stay in her room, no matter the theme, until she thinks she is to cool for it! Just remember to nail the chart 1 foot off the ground and have fun keeping track of your child's speedy growth!

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