Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Wreath

Okay, I am a sucker for a good wreath. I see one I like and I have to try it out....its a weakness I am not proud of. I have seen these Candy Corn wreaths all over the Internet and thought "How hard can that be....". Turns out they are super easy! The tough part was finding the Candy Corn. All I could find at a certain store was Indian Corn (Brown on top instead of White). I finally found them at the trusty Dollar Store (Love that place!) It took about a bag and a half for the 14 inch wreath, but you need to buy at least 2 bags due to some of the corn being deformed.

Items you will need:
Foam wreath
Black spray paint
Black Ribbon
2 bags Candy Corn
Hot glue and Hot Glue Gun

This is a shot of my craft table ( aka our dining room table). Needless to say my husband is not happy that Fall or the Holidays are coming. This table will only be clean for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

I started by spray painting the foam wreath black. You could also rap the wreath with black ribbon, but I was trying to be cost effective and had the spray paint on hand.

I let the dog play outside while I was spray painted and the baby slept.

I started gluing the Candy Corn on the wreath in a single row with all the candy pointing in the same direction. I started the row in the center of the wreath as well. Then once I had the first row completed, I started the second row pointing in the opposite direction.

Each row was pointing in the opposite direction to the row above it ( I hope that makes sense, if not look at the finished photo).

I finished the wreath with a black bow. I think it turned out pretty good. I was also thinking of other candies that could be used for other holidays. Possibly peppermints with red hots for a Christmas husband is going to kill me! HAHAHA


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