Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Plans- Get Healthy

The first posting of 2012! Wow, I still can't believe that 2011 is over. It went by so fast. I have thought about what I would like to do in 2012 and what I need to do in 2012 (needless to say they don't really match up, but we are going to try!). I am turning 30 this year (along with my husband) and I have come to the realisation that I have been lazy for the past 30 years and I do not want to be like that anymore.

With recent health problems in my family, I need to start taking better care of both myself and my family. I know that most people who make New Year Resolutions to get healthier usually fail, but I am going to try hard not to. Now, I am not over weight and but I know I am not healthy. And that is my plan. To get healthy!

My hubby is planning on running his first marathon after his 30th birthday! I am super excited for him and I know he can do it. He has inspired me to try to run a 10K before my 30th birthday in September. Now this may not be a big deal for some people, but for a person who has never been a good runner, this is huge!

I am starting my journey with changing our diets with portion control and healthier foods. Making more of our foods with healthier ingredients and trying to stay away from the fast foods that also seem to creep in to our lives. Also, I am planning on starting more outdoor exercising....we will see if the weather cooperates with me.

I will let you know how my journey goes and would love feed back from you too! Helpful hints, good recipes for healthy food, and encouragement is always welcome. Here are a few hints I have picked up already.

This tip is from a great blog! http://downtownn.tumblr.com/

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