Sunday, January 22, 2012

Remodel Done!...Well Almost

So yesterday was spent trying to finish our master bathroom remodel. It's only been 4 months to complete, and that's a good timeline with our crazy schedules. We would have had it finished about a month ago if a person ( how should be remain nameless....OK it was the hubby) didn't make a $60 cut mistake on the trim for the mirror. I really blame myself (and he also blames me) because I was not in the garage while he was cutting to make sure that he was cutting the correct angle on the trim.

Anyways, after the long awaited trim arrived yesterday (3 weeks is way to long for a piece of trim if you ask me!), we got to work. And some choice words and some yelling and the mirror, it finally came together. Its not a professional job, but its our first remodel on our home and I think we did a good job.

Here is the before shot of our master bath (I forgot to take the guest bath photo). Please excuse the mess.

Not sure if short people lived here before we bought the place but the sinks were entirely to short. As it turned out, the previous owners remodeled the bathroom to look like this! They took two stock vanities and added an extra kitchen cabinet as the middle to create counter space and storage. This kitchen cabinet is a typical corner unit with a lazy Susan inside. It is also 4 inches taller than the vanities. Now you know why this was my first request to remodel. I am also a matchy-matchy person, so if we remodeled the master, we had to remodel the guest to match!

Sorry for the photo being dark, but I wanted to show that we also had hideous light fixtures in both bathrooms. The stock dressing room bulbs, yuck! They looked something like this:

Again, YUCK! So of course I had to change those. Also, we decided at the last minute and I mean last minute. Hubby was doing demo and said "If you want to paint, you need to do it now before I put the cabinets in tomorrow. So off I run to Lowe's to find paint. I choose a color by Olympic paint color called Camel, the one on the Left. It turned out really nice.

Look at the Hubby working. It took forever to get the demo done and the new cabinets installed. Main issue was the previous owners had no clue how to do anything! We had planned on saving the old mirrors but they were too low for the cabinets, so they had to go to. That part was nice, a little stress reliever.

We still wanted two sinks in the master bath, so we had to go with and "L" shaped counter. Because of this we had to order custom cabinets, but they turned out great! We got the Thomasville line which are actually kitchen cabinets, but I still love them. Here is a photo of them in the store.

Love this color! It turned out to be almost a light Carmel color. We also ordered some window trim to frame out the new mirrors that we had mounted.We added granite counter tops and under mount sinks!

We ended up going with a brushed nickel finish on all the hardware and lights. We choose these light fixtures for both bathrooms.

And all the accessories for the bathrooms came from Martha Stewart's line at Home Depot, here is a shot of the towel bar.

So here is the finished product!

Our Guest Bath

I love the way they turned out! My Hubby did a great job. Can't wait to get started on the kitchen next.

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