Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ballard Knock Offs

I can't take full credit for this one, I saw it on one of my favorite craft blogs and thought I could do it too. If you have never heard of Ballard's is a great accessory and furniture store. They have these great burlap covered Demijohn's (basically jars). The problem- they ranged in price from 39 to 130 bucks! Now I didn't cover mine in burlap but I thought Jute (Twine) would be cute too.

I bought these matching jars at the Goodwill for a dollar a piece (Score 1 for me!). I loved the cork tops too.

I started by brushing on some craft glue to the bottles. Make sure that it dries clear. Also this step is time consuming so I did it during nap time at my house.

Make sure that there was no gaps between the jute. Also its easier if you use one continuous piece.

And done! I finished it off by stenciling a Fleur de Lis onto the jute (which took the paint very well!).  I planned on putting them in our master bath to hold bath salts. I think that I will make the other one to match....

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