Friday, March 25, 2011

Matchbox Car Playmat

As a child my Mom always had my sister and I busy with crafts.  We made gifts for others, made decorations and enjoyed the time together crafting.  She always inspired us to try anything and turn anything item into a treasure.  Even in high school when I wanted to learn to paint, she let me pick out a few colors and a brush and I painted a fish scene on my closet walls and did a half project of gold swirls on my bedroom ceiling.  She always made us gifts and things and those are the items I will remember the most.  That's why I am trying to make things for my children.  Hopefully someday they will appreciate the effort and love that goes into handmade crafts. 

My son, Owen, is into cars and anything with wheels.  I wanted to get him one of those rugs for his room that have the roads to drive the cars on and little town scenes, but I didn't want to pay the $40 plus to get one and I really didn’t want to have to deal with vacuuming that carpet then moving it to vacuum the one under it.  I was browsing the fabric isle at Wal-mart and I saw the movie Cars fabric with roads.  It hit me - why not make a little version he can take with him and also use in his room, but that will roll up for storage. 

I bought 1 yard of this fabric, 1 yard of solid black for the back, batting and 7/8" wide bias tape.  All added up just under $10!

First I laid out the fabric and folded it on itself so there would be a pocket created.

I stitched along the outer side leaving a flap and once separated pockets.

Next I took the standard matchbox car for measurement and did a zigzag stitch the entire length of my flap to create little pockets or garages for the cars.  This way the cars can be in the mat when you roll it up for storage and travel.

Then, I took the black fabric and laid it on top of my rubber cutting mat.  On top of that, the batting and the cars fabric wrong sides together.  I trimmed all the pieces strait.  If you don't have a rubber mat, just eye ball it with scissors, your little guy won't care how strait it is!

It's time for binding!  Now, I am not a sewing expert, I am 100% self-taught but I figure if it looks good and stays together I have to be doing something right. 

Once the binding is done, it's time for play! 
Owen immediately started driving the cars and trains all over his new car mat.   

With leftover binding I did a zigzag stitch and am using that to secure the mat when I roll it up for the car or storage.



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