Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine Heart Garland

I saw this project on Pinterest and thought how easy it would be. Most of the images I pin on Pinterest, I probably will never get around to completing, but this one is finished. And even before the holiday too! I am on it this week!

This garland is super easy to make (not to mention cheap!) and you could do it in any colors you want. For Valentines Day I choose white, red, and pink. Here are all the items you will need:

1 8x11 piece of felt from any craft store in white, red, and pink. (3 total)
* Each square will yield about twelve 1 inch heart.
Sewing machine
White yard (or any color you like)

Step 1- Fold the piece of felt length wise, so the piece looks like a long rectangle.

Step 2- Now that you have the piece of felt folded, you are going to pin the folded side together about an inch from the fold. ( please see the photo)

Step 3- You will sew a line about 1/2 an inch in from the fold then entire length of the felt.

Step 4- Now that you have sewn a seam down the felt, you will turn the felt inside out. You want the seam inside the felt heart. Match the two ends together and pin.

Your felt should look something like this when you have the two ends pinned together.

Step 5- Now sew a seam to join the two end pieces together. About a 1/4 of an inch in from the edge.

Step 6- Once you are done sewing, cut felt into 1 inch pieces. One piece of felt should make between 11 and 12 one inch hearts.

This is what it will look like once you have cut them.

Step 7- String the hearts together with yarn or wire. I used a quilting thread but I may redo mine with yarn. The thread just didn't have the strength to hold as many hearts as I wanted.

I love it! So simple and yet so cute.

What do you think? I think hot pink and blue would look cute. Or maybe green and pink.....Maybe next year.

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  1. I think your garland is so creative and doable! Thanks for a great idea (I pinned it too)!